Bitnorth is an informal, weekend-long conference with one simple rule: if you attend, you have to present. Run since 2008, the event brings together a constantly-changing group of people from a wide range of backgrounds.

  • It’s participatory. Like Fight Club. If you come, you have to present, share, perform, or teach.
  • It’s disconnected. Be here and now with the people who attend. Your online friends can wait.
  • It’s informal. No fancy food, no fancy clothes, no fancy people.
  • It’s eclectic. If you don’t like the topic, wait ten minutes.
  • It’s for smart people. Get up and engage us. Tell us something we didn’t know. Above all, be interesting.

Want a sense of what it’s like? Check out our Flickr group, which has hundreds of photos from past years.

Disconnect to reconnect